Cycle of good

Winner Tubes is committed to doing good by donating a share of our profits to community projects and bike-related charities. We’re selecting causes that will benefit from our investment and we’ll be launching schemes to spread cycling-joy around the world.


First and foremost I am a cyclist. Not a professional I hasten to add, but one of the millions of fun/ semi-serious riders who hit the roads and tracks every week trying to keep fit, whilst embracing the great British outdoors. My love of cycling started many years before the unprecedented cycling craze we have seen since London 2012, including a few years spent working in and growing an independent cycle shop business in the UK. It was while doing this that I came up with the concept of Winner Tubes. It was as a result of seeing agitated cyclists regularly come in and buy tubes that triggered a thought that this could be made more fun and more exciting. It took us a while to create, because we thought about it… a lot!

Welcome to Winner Tubes and thanks for visiting the site, I hope you like it.

It is simple to buy, simple to enter and you really do have a chance of winning some great prizes, whilst giving a little bit back via C-O-G.....Good Luck!

Our vision

At Winner Tubes we’re driven by core values and personality traits that underpin everything we do and crystallise all we believe in.


We think first and consider the impact of everything we do. We like to keep positive and capture the essence of cycling, whatever genre of riding you choose. Winner Tubes was created by cyclists for cyclists, so it’s not so much about trying to put ourselves in your saddle, we’re in the saddle too and we understand cycling culture.


Winner Tubes is an inclusive brand and we are on your journey, whether you’re a competitive rider or simply enjoy cycling as an occasional leisure activity. We also ensure fairness in the value we offer to consumers.


We keep it real…real emotion…real people and real situations. We believe in transparency and want to communicate our charitable activities for the world to share as one voice for the common good.


Winner Tubes is bold, daring and brave. As a brand we want to capture the expression of cycling genres to inspire and excite. We’re colourful and expressive in every sense. We also want to push boundaries by offering a unique concept that could make your next ride the ride of your life…living the dream, you might say.


Here are a selection of our current most popular tube offers

Continental Race 28
700 X 20 - 25mm - Presta - 42mm
£ 20.00
Continental Tour 28
700 X 28 - 37mm - Presta - 42mm
£ 20.00
Schwalbe SV15
700 X 32 - 47mm - Presta - 42mm
£ 24.00